4 Red Flag Statements About Breastfeeding


Don’t let hospital staff throw your breastfeeding flow off

by Jada Shapiro | January 21, 2017

Is my baby getting enough milk? Is breastfeeding supposed to hurt this much? Am I doing it right? As a Certified Lactation Counselor and founder of the only on-demand breastfeeding consulting service in the country, Boober (formerly Breast Start), I hear a lot of women worrying about nursing, and it’s normal. Breastfeeding is natural, but it’s also very difficult… So difficult, that many moms give up.

One of the biggest barriers to breastfeeding in America is the giant amount of misinformation that mothers receive from otherwise well-intentioned hospital staff. When their baby start fussing, they are told that they are not making enough milk, that they are starving their baby. For new moms who are impressionable and exhausted, it’s scary and worrisome and intimidating. What’s more, false or discouraging statements can quickly undermine a mom’s gut instincts, which is crucial to parenting and to a successful breastfeeding experience. To help you stay on course with your breastfeeding plans (noting there are always medical and personal reasons why you might stop breastfeeding or start supplementing), we are sorting out the real from the false.

Here are 4 red-flag statements that you hear at hospitals about breastfeeding. Read the rest at Well Rounded!