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Don’t miss this unique opportunity to begin or expand your doula practice and to dive deeply into an inspiring 3 days of discovery, personal growth and education. This workshop is for you whether you are beginning your path to becoming a doula, want to learn how to support your partner, friend or family through their birth, are a nurse who would like to enhance your comfort skills or are a community doula looking to expand your labor support skills. Our doula workshop brings together people from all backgrounds and experiences to discuss the challenges and opportunities that exist today to ensure everyone has a safe, respectful and gentle birth in any setting. You will leave enriched, connected, ready and part of a new community of amazing people!

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Supercharge your Birth Doula certification and become a Birth Day Presence Certified Advanced Birth DoulaUnleash your full potential as a birth doula with this extraordinary opportunity! Elevate your certification to new heights through an exclusive training experience with the renowned maternal health expert behind Birth Day Presence and Boober, Jada Shapiro.

If you've already completed a full training from another doula organization and have been the primary birth doula at at least 10 births, then you're perfectly primed to delve deeper into the realm of birth doula care. This certification workshop is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide exceptional, advanced support to the families you serve.

Certification holds greater significance now than ever before, as insurance providers and workplaces increasingly recognize and cover or provide stipends for hiring certified doulas. By obtaining this coveted certification, you open doors to a world of expanded opportunities and enhanced professional recognition.

Since 2002, Birth Day Presence has been at the forefront of nurturing and guiding doulas on their certification journey. Don't miss this chance to join our esteemed community, gain your well-deserved certification, and unlock a thrilling new chapter in your doula career.

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Training Dates:

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Steps to Certification:

You can finish certification within 1 month of training or less. 
All links will be sent to you when you register: 
Before Training

  • Submit Prerequisite Google Form with proof of previous doula certification, proof of 10 births, reflection essay, etc.
  • Watch and read videos and prerequisite articles.

To Complete Certification

  • Attend Entire Training. (If you need to attend a birth, you can make up the segment missed in a future training, or recordings may be made available, depending on segment).
  • Take or watch parent-focused class Boober Prep for Postpartum
  • Take or watch parent-focused class Boober Comfort Measures for Birth
  • Submit proof of attendance at PMADs for providers
  • Take or watch BDP Lactation For Doulas OR submit proof of Lactation Counselor Training

What you will learn:

  • Prenatal Support: Advanced

    Enhance your empathy, communication, and compassion skills while understanding trauma-informed doula care. Learn to conduct more effective prenatal meetings and better prepare clients facing complicated circumstances. Elevate your doula practice and make a profound difference in birthing experiences.

  • Birth Support: Advanced Circumstances

    Advanced Doula Training covers swift births, complex labor scenarios, varied pain relief techniques, managing emotional and challenging birthing environments, navigating loss support, and advocacy during labor, ensuring holistic and comprehensive support for both clients and practitioners.

  • Post-Birth: Advanced

    Elevate your postpartum support with advanced techniques to ensure a smoother transition from birth. Learn to recognize and screen for PMADs (Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders) and offer comprehensive feeding screening and support. Master the art of closing the birth journey with enhanced postpartum visiting skills.

  • Self-Support & Sustainability

    Discover effective decompression rituals post-birth and prioritize ongoing self-preservation in our training. Learn to avoid, recognize, and heal from burnout while also gaining insights on growing and sustaining your doula business for long-term success.

  • ...and so much more!

    Jada has taught thousands of parents and doulas, nurses, midwives, physicians and parents around the world. - Don’t miss this unique opportunity to expand your doula practice. Our doula workshop brings together people from all backgrounds and experiences to discuss the challenges and opportunities that exist today to ensure everyone has a safe, respectful and gentle transition to parenthood. in any setting.


Why choose Jada's Birth Day Presence Doula Trainings?

  • Jada Shapiro, founder of Birth Day Presence and Boober, has trained over 20k parents and birthworkers since 2002.
  • Jada is sought out doula mentor, educator and trainer with 2+ decades of experience as a birth and postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Curriculum Creator, Doula Mentor and Trainer
  • She founded The Bellevue Hospital doula program in Manhattan. 
  • She founded Boober in 2017, named one of the top 34 Femtech Startups in 2022.
  • Jada is highly skilled at building community, while delivering expert education.

Thank you so much Jada! Your class was amazing, super informative and inclusive and I am craving to continue this learning!
- C.D.


Thank you for creating such an awesome, nourishing, and beautiful space for all of us. I want to acknowledge that the home you have built for families and birth enthusiasts gives me so much hope for the future of care. I am deeply  grateful for the love and integrity that you hold for every person that walks through your doors. 

- Marie Detering


For all aspiring doulas - Birth Day Presence is a gem. Efficient, organized, informative, meaningful, awe-inspiring, and fun.

- Arielle

ImageDONA Doula in training Debra Pascali-Bonaro

Birth Day Presence's Birth Doula training is informative, eye-opening, powerful, and inspiring. For all aspiring doulas - Birth Day Presence is a gem. Efficient, organized, informative, meaningful, awe-inspiring, and fun.

- Arielle

BIPOC  Scholarships

  • A commitment to improving birth outcomes

  • Have a financial need for scholarship assistance

  • Will use doula skills to support their community

In childbirth, systemic racism is the root cause of disparities leading to higher maternal mortality rates for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Doulas improve postpartum outcomes and makes a difference in more positive postpartum experiences. Doulas are an essential part of collaborative, respectful quality care. We offer partial scholarships to individuals who identify as BIPOC. Birth Day Presence offers 3 50% scholarships at each training. These scholarships are meant for people who would not otherwise be able to attend the training because their financial resources are limited. If you have the means to pay for the full training, or if you have limited resources, but do not identify as BIPOC, payment plans are available.

If you feel that you meet the above criteria, please submit a short essay or submit a 1-min video addressing the questions below. Here are some questions to consider as you write or speak. Please submit to

-Why do you want to become an advanced Birth or Postpartum Doula and what do you hope to gain from this training?
-In what capacity do you like serve birthing people and their families?
-How do you see yourself creating change through birthwork?
-How will this scholarship help you with your future goals?
-Do you identify as BIPOC?

Scholarships submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis and awarded until filled.

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