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Birthing from Within One-Day Intensive with Koyuki Smith

Birth is always intense and always brings surprises…are you ready?


Birthing From Within recognizes that childbirth is more than just a set of medical occurrences (effacement and dilation, contractions and pushing). Every birth – whether medicated or unmedicated, cesarean or vaginal – is an incredibly intense physical and emotional experience full of unpredictable turns. It is also an irreversible rite of passage, a gateway to an entirely different life. So while accurate medical information is important, a childbirth education class that offers only information leaves expecting parents underprepared for the full impact of the experience.

In this Birthing From Within class, you will certainly learn up-to-date, evidence-based information about birth. But you will also explore additional layers of understanding through hands-on activities, physical practice, open dialogue, and examination of multiple perspectives, preparing your mind and heart to:

•    Experience birth as a physical, emotional, and cultural rite of passage.

•    Birth in awareness, whatever the location, outcome, or events of the birth.

•    Fully integrate the birth partner as a source of support, protection, and connection for the birthing parent and the baby.

•    Prevent or minimize emotionally difficult births.

Cost per couple: $280 

If you are experiencing financial hardship, please inquire about sliding scale fees and payment plans: [email protected]com.

This class  will meet at Birth Day Presence Park Slope Studio December 16th  10:00am-5:30pm.

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Please note: While this class will meet at Birth Day Presence, it is not a Birth Day Presence class. Please direct all questions, concerns, or inquiries to Koyuki Smith.