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July 11, 2022

Delayed Cord Clamping

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Delayed Cord Clamping (DCC): is it right for me and my baby? When planning for your birth, it can seem as though there are an infinite amount of decisions to make and even more information to consider. Here, we demystify “delayed cord ...

July 11, 2022

Transform doula burnout

Birth Doulas

Transform doula burnout   Just 3 years ago I was miserable. I was suffering from anxiety, insomnia and serious fatigue. All symptoms resulting from the work that I felt the most passionate about- birth work. It all started on the yoga ma...

person holding a backpack in their hand
September 10, 2021

Packing your doula bag

Birth Doulas

How you choose to show up in your role as a doula is completely up to you, which makes the support we provide as birth workers wonderfully diverse. The fact that there are so many amazing and different doulas is great for families...

image of a baby laying on their back with other people tending to them
February 20, 2019

Closing the gap

Birth Community News

With birthing centers closing and many midwives being denied access to malpractice insurance, fewer options are available for physiological birth. There is hope that midwife led birthing centers may be opened in the future, but rules...