Lactation Restrictions and Challenges

Lactation Restrictions and Challenges: Functionality Fundamentals for Birthworkers & Holistic Solutions In June 2022, Dr. Linda Dahl (ENT) and Dr. Julie Capiola (Pedatrician & IBCLC at Premier Pediatrics) met to discuss the mechanics and anatomy guiding the conversation around lactation and cover explanations, diagnosis, and treatment options that work from a strategic and comprehensive lens. The conversation was meant to …

image of mother, doula and child while doula is helping the mother nurse

Why become a Certified Lactation Counselor and what is the CLSC (Certified Lactation Support Counselor) certification?

Lactation counselors are critical people in the mission to nurture, support and protect families on their infant feeding journeys. Systemic and medical racism permeate the US medical system, which doesn’t always value keeping babies and birthing parents together, doesn’t hire enough lactation professionals on our hospital floors to support all the parents who recover there, often includes lactation support or lack thereof steeped in medical and systemic racism and doesn’t have mandated postpartum home care, lactation counselors are the bridge to help people succeed at the basics of feeding their infants.