Birthworker tips: contract & COVID clause

Birthworker TIP: Developing your contractD eveloping your contract can be challenging! Your contract of services offered is not just a protection for you, it is a protection for your clients. Two parties sign a contract, you and your clients. That means that you are protected against issues like last minute cancellation and late payments. The clients are protected against a …

image of a newborn on a bed with a person holding their hands on baby's back

The top 5 reasons to become a postpartum doula

There are many reasons to become a postpartum doula, whether or not you are already working in the birth world. If you are a birth doula, you are likely familiar with the satisfaction that comes with the role you hold in the lives of new families. But for people whose lives don’t allow the unpredictability and nature of being on-call as a birth doula or don’t love that spontaneity, becoming a postpartum doula is a perfect way to support parents on their journey.

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Why become a Certified Lactation Counselor and what is the CLSC (Certified Lactation Support Counselor) certification?

Lactation counselors are critical people in the mission to nurture, support and protect families on their infant feeding journeys. Systemic and medical racism permeate the US medical system, which doesn’t always value keeping babies and birthing parents together, doesn’t hire enough lactation professionals on our hospital floors to support all the parents who recover there, often includes lactation support or lack thereof steeped in medical and systemic racism and doesn’t have mandated postpartum home care, lactation counselors are the bridge to help people succeed at the basics of feeding their infants.