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Doula Training Center in New York City

Why Us

Birth Day Presence is the premier provider of smart, non-judgmental childbirth education, doula matching services and on-demand lactation support for savvy New Yorkers. Since 2002, we have matched thousands of NYC expectant parents and doulas!

We are New York City’s #1 Doula Training Center, training over 125 new doulas every year!  Ask doulas all over the city where they trained and there’s a high chance they trained with Debra Pascali-Bonaro at Birth Day Presence!

We match birth and postpartum doulas to all types of families, from first-time moms to parents welcoming their second or third child to A-list celebrities requiring the utmost discretion (references available upon request).

The doulas on our matching platform are often trained in the doula training workshop taught by world-renowned doula trainer, Debra Pascali-Bonaro and hosted at our Park Slope Studio; many of the experienced doulas are certified through DONA International (newer doulas may be working toward their certification) or Doula Trainings International. Some have the additional KangaroulaSM certification. What is a Kangaroula? A doula who has additional training to specifically focus on the needs of the baby through the first 1000 minutes of life, to provide counseling services, and to provide emotional and practical support to parents and staff for improved developmental outcomes in the case of preterm birth.

The doulas we affiliate with often have advanced training/licensure in complementary fields such as prenatal yoga, massage therapy, reiki, nutrition, counseling, lactation, and childbirth education. They are well-loved and regarded by their peers and clients! Just ask them!

Birth Day Presence is your go-to Doula Matching Service!

I was lucky to have been connected with Didi through Birth Day Presence. My husband and I took the weekend intensive class on childbirth education there, as well as the breastfeeding/newborn class. So the classes really helped us have a better understanding of what to expect. However, after the classes and speaking with several friends, they all highly recommended having a doula present during labor. I wanted someone who was experienced in childbirth, nurturing, and in-line with my requests. And Didi was exactly the right person for the job. I interviewed several other Doula’s but after meeting Didi, both my husband and I felt immediately comfortable with her. She was absolutely wonderful and sweet, and I know that she was a huge reason why my birthing experience was so unbelievable. I couldn’t have asked for a better birth.” — JULIA and MARSHALL, recent parents who used our platform 
“Thank you to Jada, my Kangaroula, who supported me not only through a very long labor, but helped us and my son tremendously in the NICU. She was there for early breastfeeding sessions and helped me advocate for more skin-to-skin time, even though my baby was connected by tubes and monitors. ” – M and J, Oct 2016.

 How it works:

    1. Submit Request.  Fill out the Birth Doula Request Form below.
    2. Get Contacted.  You’ll be email connected with available doulas who meet your budget request and are available for your due date.
    3. Discuss.  Get to know your doula and see if she feels like the right fit.  Ask your doula how she works, what she charges, how she got started, what her experience, what she does as a doula, etc…You and your future doula will discuss the terms of your agreement with each other. Every doula works differently, so ask lots of questions!
    4. Retain your doula.  You found your doula!  Submit your doula’s name here to let us know and to remove you from the platform.
    5. Make it Formal.  Once your retainer matching deposit is paid, enter into a formal agreement with your doula, specify the remainder of the payment owed directly to the doula, and determine the scope of her services.

Typical Birth Doula Services **

Services listed are typical. Actual services and fees are set by the doula. **
  • A Personalized Prenatal Meeting
  • Ongoing phone and e-mail support prior to your due date
  • Birth Plan/Preferences Consultations, as needed
  • Resource Information
  • 24 hour on-call labor support prior to your due date
  • Continuous emotional, physical, and informational presence during your labor and birth
  • Assistance with initial breastfeeding
  • Postpartum visit to admire your baby, answer questions, and provide referrals

Birth Day Presence® is committed to supporting expectant parents with varying financial circumstances. We contract with birth doulas working in most price ranges, based on their experience and training.

Most doulas on our platform have trained with the world-renowned doula-trainer, Debra Pascali-Bonaro and DONA International (the premier Birth Doula Certification Agency).

Birth Doula Pricing and Experience Estimates

Doula In Training $400-$600
Tier 1 $700-1100 (around 6-12 births)
Tier 2 $1000-1500 (around 8-24 births)
Tier 3 $1300-1900 (around 20-45 births)
Tier 4 $1650-2250  (around 40-90 births)
Tier 5 $2000-2600 (around 80-180 births)
Tier 6 $2400 and up (around 150+ births)
Jada Shapiro, Founder Please inquire
*Actual total fee set by individual doula. Individual experience level may vary by doula

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