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HypnoBirthing Classes with Bailey Rollins

pregnant-231634_1280HypnoBirthing is a technique designed to help you achieve a satisfying, relaxing and stress-free Birth. HypnoBirthing focuses on childbirth education, visualizations and relaxation techniques based on self-hypnosis. HypnoBirthing focuses on dispelling the fears associated with Childbirth. We have been programmed to expect childbirth to be a certain way, for most women they expect excruciating pain. But “What we think influences how we feel”. For instance, if you recall an unpleasant event in your life, you will surely tense up just thinking about it. Fear will cause tension which in turn will cause pain. And the fear of the pain drives the pain.

HypnoBirthing focuses on teaching you how to relax your mind. And when your mind is relaxed, your body will be relaxed allowing your uterine muscles to open more easily which will lead to an easier birth. HypnoBirthing will teach you that when the mother is healthy and in the absence of special circumstances, Pain and Tension do not have to be an accompaniment of Labor. HypnoBirthing is an incredible tool to get yourself in a desired peaceful and confident frame of mind by the time of arrival of your baby. And the earlier you start the more time you have to practice.

What You Will Learn in HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method Classes:

HypnoBirthing classes will be taught by labor and postpartum doula Bailey as a series of five classes, each 2 ½ hours long. During the HypnoBirthing Childbirth education classes, you will receive a copy of Marie Mongan’s book: Hypnobirthing-The Mongan Method, the Rainbow Relaxation CD to enhance your practice at home and much more…

Classes meet at Birth Day Presence Park Slope Studio on Sept 6th (wed), 13th(wed), 15th (fri), 20th(wed) and 27th(wed)  7:00-9:30pm.

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