Breastfeeding Meltdown Made Laura Perlongo ‘Cry Uncontrollably’

By Leena Tailor, 2016

Catfish star Nev Schulman’s fiancée, Laura Perlongo, has opened up about the meltdown which caused her to “cry uncontrollably” during her first days of motherhood. On Friday, the couple were thrilled to welcome their first child, daughter Cleo James, however Perlongo has revealed her emotionally grueling struggle with breastfeeding in a candid Instagram post. “No one warned me my breasts would quadruple in size turn into painful rocks and send me into a total meltdown…

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The boutique birthing boom combines purpose and profit

By Samantha M. Shapiro, 2015

Brooklyn midwife Miriam Schwarzschild logs about 1,200 miles a month in her bumper-stickered Prius. Crisscrossing the city, she visits pregnant clients in their homes for prenatal exams and, four or five times a month, helps one give birth, usually in an inflatable birth pool or on a bed lined with absorbent pads. On a Wednesday morning in August, Schwarzschild—dressed in jeans, a blue T-shirt and thick black glasses—set out from her Park Slope brownstone for a prenatal checkup…

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The Pressure To Have
A ‘Perfect’ Birth

By Catherine Pearson, 2014

In the run-up to the birth of her son, Max, a year ago, Maggie Diamond did everything she could to prepare herself to have a vaginal, unmedicated delivery. She took a six-week hypnobirthing class and listened to the accompanying CDs on her commute, in the bathtub, before bed. She did daily affirmations, studied books and blogs, and wrote out a two-page birth plan, stipulating what she wanted to eat, drink and wear, and what birthing positions she planned to try…

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Baby’s Latest:
Going Diaperless


When Jada Shapiro decided to raise her daughter from birth without diapers, for the most part, not everyone was amused. Ms. Shapiro scattered little bowls around the house to catch her daughter’s offerings, and her sister insisted that she use a big, dark marker to mark the bowls so that they could never find their way back to the kitchen. “My sister wasn’t a huge fan,” she said on Thursday…

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Best Childbirth Classes In
New York

By Dr. Jennifer Powell-Lunder, 2012

With so much new-baby information available, and so many resources at their finger tips, it’s easy to overwhelm moms to be. Finding the right child birth class can also be confusing at a time when what you really need is calming, concise answers. The most comprehensive child birth education centers in the city offer something for everybody, from first-time parents to veterans who just need a refresher course…

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Announcing New York’s 2012 Totally Awesome Award Winners

By Tuba Ugurulu, 2012

We are so thrilled to announce the winners of Red Tricycle’s 2012 Totally Awesome Awards. All of us at Red Tricycle want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the winners, nominees and especially, to all 206,648 of you who took the time to nominate and vote for your favorite businesses from the most amazing art class to the most entertaining museums. Without further ado, here are New York’s 2012 Totally Awesome Award Winners…

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By The Colbert Report, 2013

Nothing makes parents feel more in touch with their baby’s most intimate functions than scraping it out of their shoes.

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New trend: babies going


Attention parents: would you want your baby going diaper-less? Johnny talks to Jada Shapiro, a mother who’s a fan of a diaper-free method of child-rearing.

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lactation support