Babywearing for Birthworkers

Build your babywearing skills and confidence and update your knowledge on current products, research and safety guidelines. Doulas, IBCLCs, childbirth educators, nurses, midwives, infant care specialists, breastfeeding counselors, and all others who work with perinatal families are invited. If you are in the business of providing accurate, evidence-based information and are fielding client’s babywearing questions, you need this workshop!

This 7-hour intensive workshop covers:

  • Babywearing as a tool to promote bonding, lessen the impact of mood and anxiety disorders, and increase breastfeeding success. We’ll explore the physiological and psychological benefits of babywearing, for both babies and wearers.
  • Safety for newborns. Learn how to recognize safe positioning in any carrier. Use evidence-based research to advise your clients appropriately and accurately.
  • The rich, multicultural history of babywearing. Don’t appropriate! Learn how to meet your clients where they are in our collective American culture, and also use language and an approach that honors and respects babywearing traditions worldwide.
  • Introduction to the 5 most common baby carriers and in depth, hands-on practice with at least 3 of them. This is what you came for! Get your own body in different carriers and gain real experience learning to adjust and troubleshoot the carriers that you are most likely to encounter.
  • Wearing premature babies and multiples. Learn safety guidelines and pro tips and tricks to share with families who may need some extra babywearing support.
  • How to choose your OWN carrier. Learn how wearing other people’s babies can expand your own birthworker repertoire, all while building your clients’ own babywearing confidence.
  • “What is the “best” carrier for your clients? Engage in group roleplay to decode the most common questions and concerns of new parents. Discover how babywearing can be a window into the deeper needs of new families.

Tea will be provided throughout class, but please bring your own lunch and/or snacks with you, unless you feel confident you can use lunch break to successfully forage in the neighborhood. A fridge and microwave will be available. Dress comfortably and be ready to try on carriers! In order to give you everyone the hands-on attention they need, attendance in this class will be limited to 10 people.


curriculum created and taught by Adriane Stare