Birth Doula Trainings

Birth Day Presence regularly hosts incredible DONA birth doula trainings.  Our NYC trainings are located at our Park Slope Studio and taught by the world-renowned instructor, Debra Pascali-Bonaro.

Visit DONA to learn more about the certification process.

Trainings are from 9am to 6pm over the course of 3 days. Our trainings sell out quickly!


Doulas trained by Debra at Birth Day Presence come from all walks of life and go on to be top doulas! Birth Day Presence also offers the opportunity to affiliate and build your birth business quickly! Sign up for our business workshop with BDP Owner and Founder, Jada Shapiro, who has been a doula in NYC for 15 years and learned how to run a doula and childbirth education business from the ground up!

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Benefits of a DONA doula workshop with Debra Pascali-Bonaro


What is so special about Debra’s DONA Workshops? 


It’s a unique blend of Debra’s inspiration and experience around the world as a doula, a DONA birth and postpartum doula trainer,  being part of the first community doula program in the US in the South Bronx, NY, Director of the Neighborhood Doula Project in Paterson, NJ, Co-chairing a global initiative, The International Childbirth Initiative  to improve MotherBaby-Family outcomes with 12 steps to Safe and Respectful Maternity Care as well as working internationally to reducing health disparities and create health equity. Debra’s wealth of experience including teaching and learning from doulas, midwives, doctors, nurses and parents in 40 countries around the world provides you with a unique interactive opportunity to learn from her global perspective and activism.  

What you will learn: 

  1. About racial disparities in childbirth
  2. The role of advocacy: organizations that are working in the U.S and globally to reduce racial disparities and create birth equity 
  3. Respectful Care – Birth is a Human Rights Issue
  4. What the science/evidence show are best practices and the gaps between evidence and practice 
  5. Language matters 
  6. About the hormonal physiology of childbirth and how a doula can help  fill hormonal gaps 
  7. Learn the role of continuous support thru the her-story of childbirth
  8. Discuss the role and scope of practice of DONA doulas 
  9. How the move 100 years ago from a social model to a medical model for childbirth has offered benefits but also stripped people of their power and too many times the respect, dignity, and support they deserve.  You will learn how doulas are reconnecting the circle of support
  10. A doulas role with the  emotions of childbirth 
  11. Skills to include in a prenatal visit
  12. Comfort measures and positions  for labor and birth
  13. Skills to support posterior labors
  14. Rebozo her-story and comfort 
  15. How to bring respect and love to challenging birth – the doulas’ role with epidurals and gentle belly-births
  16. Postpartum visit – processing the birth experience 
  17. And so much more  – Debra has taught thousands of doulas, nurse, midwives and parents, and physicians – don’t miss this unique opportunity to begin or expand your doula practice – whether you are beginning your path to becoming a doula, want to learn how to support your partner, friend or family,  are a nurse who would like to enhance your comfort skills or are a community doula looking to expand your labor support skills – Our doula workshop brings together people from all backgrounds and experiences to discuss the challenges and opportunities that exist today to ensure everyone has a safe, respectful and gentle  birth in any setting.


Check out this fabulous and thorough review from a recent doula trainee, Amanda Alappat!

“By the end of day 2, it felt that the class became a small family. We knew each other intimately and all felt genuinely supported, embraced and celebrated.” – Amanda Alappat 
Each day I continued to feel lighter, gaining more and more confidence with Debra’s insight and guidance on how to support women in birth.  There were so many beautiful take-a-ways from Debra that will stay with me forever and are imprinted on my heart, for example, “We birth the way we live”, “Be like Wendy” and “Birth it Forward”, just to name a few.  But, it was at one single point in the workshop when Debra said, “We know what we need to know when we need to know it” that I instantly felt all of the weight lifted off of my shoulders and I knew that I was now a Doula and that that was all I ever needed to know. Thank you, Debra!” -Catalina Glasgow, Jan 2015 grad