Certified Lactation Support Counselor (CLSC) (formerly Certified Breastfeeding Counselor (CBC) Certification Workshop

This is a 45 hour lactation counselor training and certification course, taught by Lea Rivera, IBCLC,  that meets the clinical competencies for doulas, nurses, health care providers, birthworkers and WIC nutritionists.  Unlike other certification in lactation education, this course is taught through a combination of case study, research analysis, protocol development. The curriculum, designed and taught by Lea fits the current conversations around health disparities, Covid-19 and racism in lactation support. Counselors finish the course with an understanding of true scope of work and the ethics of being a lactation counselor.  CERPS and CMEs can be obtained. Counts for 45 hours of lactation specific education and can be used toward pursuing the IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) certification.

October 2021 Virtual CLSC training is a 5 week format: Tuesday/Wednesdays 4pm-7:30pm (25-30 hours 1-to-1 teaching + 10-15 hours of homework/observation)

January 2022 Virtual CLSC training is an intensive 1-week format: Monday, Jan 10  – Friday, Jan 14 (20 hours group classroom + 5 hours 1-to-1 or small group teaching + 20 hours of homework/observation).

Week 1 
Language Matters
Composition of Human milk
Anatomy and physiology
Infant Oral Anatomy
Article Review

Week 2 
Infant Assessment
Initiating Body feeding/Breastfeeding: Best practices
Institutional barriers
Positioning and Latch-on
Managing expectations
Assessment: Case study and develop protocol for initiation

Week 3
Managing Engorgement
Changes in frequency and duration
Mastitis, Thrush, Plugged Ducts
Slow weight gain in the Breastfed Infant
Nutrition during Lactation
Assessment: Case study and research review

Week 4
Feeding issues
Tongue tie
Nipple Damage
Cleft lips and palates, laryngomalacia
Late preterm infant
NICU admission
Assessment: Case study and develop protocol for NICU admission and discharge

Week 5
Breast Pumps and Manual Expression
Breast surgery
Breastfeeding and medications
Body feeding/Breastfeeding and Sexuality
Assessment: Research review and develop protocol for pump use

Clinical work
2 body feeding/breastfeeding support groups or shadow an IBCLC on two home visits.

We understand birth workers may be on-call. Therefore, one absence is permitted. If you are called to a birth, you will be able to watch a make-up session.

Our Pay-What-You-Can program for BIPOC/LGBTQ+ providers who are in need is now closed for the June 2021 training.  Email support@birthdaypresence.com for future trainings.