Breastfeeding for Doulas Workshop

Breastfeeding Course for Birth Doulas (counts toward your DONA Certification):

  • How doulas can help prepare parents to understand breastfeeding
    • Supporting the first feed
    • Local Breastfeeding Support Resources
    • How doulas can help their clients get breastfeeding support from their midwife or OB
  • Understanding how newborns feed when undisturbed on mother’s chest
    • Delaying Newborn Procedures in hospital setting (understanding and learning how to assist in the moment with that goal)
    • Breast Crawl/Laid-back breastfeeding position
    • The other basic breastfeeding positions
    • Who in the hospital is available to help support breastfeeding
    • Supporting milk production when there is longterm hospital separation of mother and baby
    • Supporting breastfeeding after a cesarean birth
  • Understanding Breastfeeding Basics
  • Understanding Proper Latch
  • Breastfeeding Support resources doulas can offer to their breastfeeding clients and how to know when they are needed