Breastsleeping Workshop with Mary Esther Malloy, MA

New Protocols published by The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine tell us:

  • Bedsharing promotes breastfeeding
  • There is not evidence to say bedsharing has anything to do with SIDS
  • Breastfeeding families should be educated on safe bedsharing

Let’s team up to support new families in NYC to get some rest, and to potentially improve everyone’s health and well-being!

Join Mary Esther Malloy, MA, an experienced birth educator, doula, and parenting support leader who has been normalizing breastsleeping for legions of New York families for 15 years.

It is preposterous to argue a woman’s body is a lethal weapon over which she has no control. Breastsleeping evolved because it is safer. It is not a pathology. This is what made it possible for babies to survive in a very successful evolution.” Dr. James McKenna, NYC, February 2020.

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