Childbirth Class: Comfort Techniques

Designed as a complement to our regular childbirth class, the Comfort Techniques Class will take you deeper into coping for your birth and beyond. Whether you’re planning for a non-medicated birth, are considering your options, or are sure you’d like an epidural, this class will allow you to approach your birth with more confidence and less anxiety.  Both pregnant women and their partners will learn practical strategies for dealing with both the physical and emotional components of birth. Plus the tools will apply to parenthood and life after birth!

If you are seeking a more in depth preparation, this childbirth class is for you.

Doing some of the inner work of preparation not only for birth but for parenthood. Taking a look at limiting beliefs that may be lingering that may interfere with the birth process.

We’ll cover many different coping strategies including:

  • Massage/acupressure
  • Connection to your breath
  • Positions for labor and pushing
  • Mindfulness
  • Relaxation
  • Essential oils
  • Acupressure
  • Rebozo techniques
  • Avoiding the fear-tension-pain cycle
  • Tips for encouraging progress for a slow labor

You’ll come away with:

  • Pain coping strategies tailored to you and your specific style
  • Things you can continue to work on at home to increase partner confidence
  • Feeling more connected to yourself and your partner
  • Sense of community and knowing that you’re not alone
  • Creating your support team plan for birth and postpartum

Note: This class will not cover stages of labor or technical information regarding labor and childbirth. That is covered in our Childbirth Class.

If you already took our childbirth class, save $100 on this course!


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Classes held in Park Slope.


Had a private session for c-section prep with the wonderful Meghan recently. She was very knowledgeable about the whole process and in touch with what was happening in local hospitals. She answered all of our questions about hospital stay, tips on breastfeeding, swaddling and diaper changing and more. My husband and I felt more at ease and prepared after meeting with Meghan and we would highly recommend Birth Day Presence!

– Erin,Yelp