Managing Sleep and Circadian Disruption with Herbal Medicine

This workshop will take place over 2 2.5-hour sessions

Session 1: Tuesday, July 13 | 12pm – 2:30pm ET

Session 2: Wednesday, July 14 | 12pm – 2:30pm ET

Early Bird Pricing $79 until June 30 | Full Pricing $99 July 1 – July 13

How does being up all night for a birth alter your body’s secretion of cortisol? Why is it more difficult to get good “catch up” sleep following a birth if you get home during the day? How does eating in the middle of the night at a birth affect your blood sugar metabolism, digestion, and your sleep cycle the following night?

In this workshop we will explore the link between “chronodisruption” (or the misalignment between your body’s circadian timing system and your sleep/behavior caused by night work) and diverse health effects including impact on the sleep-wake cycle, the immune system, the chronic stress response and the neuroendocrine system, digestion and the “gut clock”, and metabolism & blood sugar balance. We will cover herbal, nutritional, and practical lifestyle adjustments to mitigate the long-term health impacts of chronodisruption caused by birth work and help your body realign with its natural circadian rhythms.

The workshop fee includes an e-book, written by Lena DeGloma of Red Moon Wellness, as a companion to the course.

Should you need to miss the workshop due to being called to a birth (or for any other reason), a full recording of the workshop (including visuals/slides) will be made available for you to stream for up to one month after the workshop. You will also receive all handouts via email. This will be in lieu of any refunds. Please contact Lena ( after the workshop to make arrangements.

There are 3 full scholarship opportunities for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) birth workers available for this workshop.  Please email to inquiry and apply.

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