Comforting Touch for Doulas with Yiska Obadia

During this training doulas will learn the principles and practices of Comforting Touch to better support clients and partners during labor, and continue to be a valued resource for clients even when remote limitation appl.

Doulas will learn:

  • new comforting touch techniques and which comfort measures to share with clients prenatally
  • best self-care practices for providing physical support to clients without personal injury
  • how to help partners be successful in providing support during birth with or without their physical presence
  • key acupressure points to help calm and encourage progress in labor
  • essential calming and grounding techniques for you and your clients
  • baby massage techniques and postpartum exercises to share with clients after baby arrives

Through video presentations, written content, and online conversation, doulas will complete this experience feeling better prepared to support clients during the perinatal time.

Overall the intention is for doulas to walk away feeling more confident and clear, with tools to guide and support their clients, now and always.  You’ll really be learning how to take good care of everyone’s nervous system… theirs and your own!

Attendees will also each receive a digital copy of Comforting Touch for Birth: A Guide for Doulas and Expectant Parents, to practice hands-on techniques from the safety of home.

A recording of the class will be provided after the call for all registrants who are unable to attend any portion of the LIVE class in real time.



Yiska Obadia is a passionate teacher and healing arts practitioner, with over 25 years of experience as a massage therapist, acupuncturist and birth doula. Yiska created Comforting Touch for Birth to teach doulas and parents-to-be how to skillfully provide hands-on support for birthing people, through her workshops and digital guidebook. Most recently she added Comforting Touch for Babies and Havening Techniques to her repertoire. Yiska is based in NYC. Find more info at