Confident Hospital Birth during COVID-19

This one-hour class empowers expectant parents and provides tips and tools on how to have the most confident hospital birth during these uncertain times. In this class, boober and Birth Day Presence founder Jada Shapiro will provide guidance and strategy as we shift into a new mindset during this unusual time. You and your body can do this. We will talk about:

  • Tools and tips for laboring at home
  • How to assess when to leave for hospital or birth center
  • Staying connected to your partner whatever the circumstances (while the partner ban has been lifted for now, Covid-postive or symptomatic partners will be not be allowed in).
  • How virtual doulas can help before, during, and after your birth.
  • How to talk to your care provider ahead of time about incorporating virtual support.
  • Preparing your labor bag with a new awareness.
  • Managing anxiety and building internal coping strategies.
  • Stress and pain relief techniques.
  • Ideas for a healthful, socially-distanced postpartum.
  • Opportunity for Q/A