Contract Writing for Birth Workers

Being a doula means not only taking on an exciting and caring profession, it means starting up your own small business. What many doula trainings often don’t have time to cover fully is how to go about writing a solid contract that fits the needs of you and your clients and sets up positive, two-way expectations between you and your clients.

This 4-hour, 2-session contract writing workshop taught by veteran doula Em Flynn.  Using her tried and tested experience and background in policy research* she will help you create an individualized contract that covers all your bases. This class is great for any newer birth or postpartum doula and any birth worker who feels they need some extra guidance on adjusting their contract, especially in the context of a constantly shifting  intense and strange times.

This workshop starts with the basics and bare bones of making a contract to demystify the process then branch out into role playing and Q&A style workshopping so that attendees get to hear what’s relevant to their specific community. Some covered topics include :

  • Cancellation vs termination
  • Scope of Practice basics
  • Setting rates and taking payments
  • Benefits of writing different contracts for different services for personal boundaries
  • Branding and consistency across printed and web material
  • Doula-to-Doula contract benefits
  • HIPAA basics, intake forms, and note taking protections
  • Peer Review and processes of handling out of court, interpersonal practice disputes
  • This class is great for birth and postpartum doulas, newer midwives, and birth workers who are also birth photographers/yoga instructors/herbalists/nannies/doulas who travel with families/etc.

** This course is not intended to replace legal advice and will remain within the standard scope and practice of best business practices for doulas, not be legally prescriptive. **