Doula Support: Lunch & Lounge

Doula Lunch and Lounge for NYC doulas. FREE with a light lunch provided.

~ January 10th with NYS Licensed Clinical Psychologist Heidi Cox discussing Perinatal Anxiety and Mood Disorders (PMADs)

  • What are PMADs?
  • Are they the same as PPD/PPA?
  • How common are they?
  • What are some symptoms to look for?
  • Are they different than the Baby Blues?
  • What are some things that we can do to support someone with perinatal anxiety and depression?

Join us at the Doula Lunch & Lounge for a casual, fun and informative get together of local doulas! Sometimes we have special guests!


The Doula Lunch & Lounge is an amazing way to connect with other doulas to talk shop and get support around all issues concerning Doula Life!

Join us for lunch and come talk shop with doulas! Facilitated by Jada, founder of Birth Day Presence, who has been a doula for 15 years. We’ll talk how to build your business, where to find clients, what’s in your doula bag, tricky births, normal births, the doula life, and everything in between!

All doulas welcome, no matter whom you work with/for and where you affiliate! This is a supportive and non-judgmental space to learn from each other and find community! Many doulas find support and work from different referral sources, as they build their own businesses, and we support you in that!

Light lunch provided.

Hope to see you there!!