DTI – Full Spectrum Certification

Hosted at Birth Day Presence Park Slope Studio – 03/26/2020 – 03/29/2020

In this program, you’ll learn DTI’s core concepts, receive access to comprehensive reproductive health, birth and postpartum training, and of course receive certification for life. Offered both in-person and online, this training is flexible, affordable and geared toward building and cultivating community within your practice, as you learn at your own pace and train with seasoned educators and doulas.

  • DTI’s in-person trainings are FULL SPECTRUM which means they include reproductive health (cycle awareness, hormones, abortion, fertility) birth and postpartum doula training.
  • DTI focuses on reproductive justice, birth humility and informed consent.
  • Once you certify with DTI, you are certified for life!
  • DTI is the only training organization that has a membership full of continued learning courses, discounts and updated material for practicing.