Preparing for Postpartum Webinar

60min Webinar

Postpartum planning and preparation is more critical than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. New parents may not be able to or want to rely on in-person support of family, friends, and overnight care providers like postpartum doulas OR you may want to make a plan for the safest in-person support possible. You CAN do this! And planning will help make a smoother, easier transition to parenthood.

Jada Shapiro, founder of boober and Birth Day Presence, will help you learn more about what postpartum and the fourth trimester really looks like and will help you create your own postpartum guidelines to ensure that you have the supplies and understanding to heal your postpartum body, get maximal sleep, eat well, keep you and your baby safe during the pandemic, know where to find expert virtual lactation consultants, postpartum doulas, mental health therapists and more, and devise ways to stay connected to yourself, your baby and you partner (if applicable) through these challenging times so that you can thrive through this transition to parenthood under COVID-19 restrictions.