What You Did Not Know About The Rebozo

Come learn about the decolonial story of how the Rebozo came to be. Invest in your anti-racist education by diving deep into the issue of cultural appropriation & restitutions for Indigenous communities. Learn essential self-care with the Rebozo, in order to connect deeply & authentically to the textile.

Join us on:

  • May 17, from 6:00PM to 9:00PM Eastern Time for the workshop
  • May 19, from 5:00PM to 7:00PM Eastern Time for Q&A and processing any thoughts, questions and doubts you’d like to work through with the facilitator.
    **Both days are required to attend.**

We have two full scholarships for a Black/Brown birthworker. Please contact the facilitator directly at montse.herbaldoula@gmail.com

20% of all proceeds go to @doctor_midwife Dr. Mitchell, CNM & DPN towards funding @the.birth.sanctuary, Alabama’s first free-standing birth center. The rest of the proceeds go directly to the facilitator.

About the facilitator:

Montse Olmos is an Nawatl-Totonaca Doula & Lactation Counselor with eight years of experience working with undocumented pregnant people in the so-called United States. Montse focuses on herbalism, traditional birthing & living practices and racism within the birth community. She offers virtual knowledge shares about unassisted birth, cultural appropriation in Rebozo work and other topics related to decolonization and Indigenous Futurism. You can access her content and classes on her social media: Instagram (@mujer_dela_tierra) and Facebook (Montse Olmos).