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4 Week Childbirth Education Class – Park Slope

4 Week Childbirth Education Class – Park Slope


Childbirth Classes NYC. Founded in 2002, Birth Day Presence is the premier provider of smart, non-judgmental childbirth education for savvy New Yorkers. Routinely recommended by the top OBs and Midwives in NYC, we are one of the longest-running and most trusted independent childbirth education centers in the city. BDP hand-selects the best ideas and techniques from a range of childbirth traditions to provide NYC’s expectant and new parents with modern, practical education and support, helping to reduce the fear and anxiety around childbirth, while increasing the joy and pleasure of confidently becoming parents. BDP has assisted over 10,000 families.

The 4-week intensive class meets weekly for 2.5-hour sessions.

The 4-week class is ideal for parents who prefer to digest the material more slowly, engage in rich discussions and get to know other expectant parents who are due around the same time.

Our 4-week childbirth education class is a blend of lecture, video, demonstration and practice and will include, but not be limited to:

  • - Gestation and Anatomy of pregnancy and childbirth
  • - Preparing your Body and How to Adapt to Its Changes throughout pregnancy and childbirth
  • - Signs, Stages and Emotional Signposts of Labor
  • - Pain Management Techniques: breathing, relaxation, position choices, massage, pressure points, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, vocalization and much more
  • - Understanding Evidence-Based Care
  • - Birth Preference Sheets (Birth Plans)
  • - Pain Medication Options during childbirth
  • - Labor Support–who should be at your birth
  • - Understanding Medical Support (Interventions) and Induction
  • - Cesarean Birth and Prevention
  • - Postpartum Health

Pricing is per couple or single + support person.

Our childbirth preparation classes are designed to offer couples a well-rounded, accessible curriculum. As doulas and childbirth educators, we have assisted thousands of couples through a very wide range of birth choices and experiences. Though certified with Lamaze (Not your Ma’s Lamaze, as they say…check out the great work they are doing today), DONA International and Birthing From Within, we don’t teach any one method; rather we pull the best parts from the most popular methods, as well as from our extensive experience in the field. There is no one right way to labor. We stand by the philosophy that birth is a normal process and hope to inspire confidence in the couples that we teach. It is our goal to teach the full spectrum of options a woman has when preparing for her birth, and then to support her unconditionally. The most important way to approach your birth is with confidence and relaxation. You achieve this by knowing what possible things to expect, developing the skills to move through your labor, and by feeling prepared to work through whatever your journey turns out to be.