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Cloth Diapering for Doulas

Cloth Diapering for Doulas

Free Cloth Diapering training by Diaperkind for all doulas and birth/post workers!

We at diaperkind feel passionate that reusable diapers are a fantastic choice for babies, their parents and the planet. As with so many options in pregnancy, birth and baby care- this seemingly “difficult” one can be simplified and immensely enjoyable when the families are supported and armed with the right tools. So come and enhance your training by learning everything you can about this wonderful option for your clients.

This free workshop is hands on and interactive. We will discuss how a family in NYC can successfully cloth diaper even without access to a washer dryer, the ins and outs of using our diaper service, and how to self launder if and when possible. We will demonstrate how to use and decide between the many different styles of diapers and accessories out there, and talk about all the benefits that a reusable diaper offers to both the baby, the family and the environment.

In addition to all of the knowledge we will send you off with, we will provide you with a stack of diaperkind info cards and a 10% discount that you can pass along to your clients.

Please be sure to sign up (even though it is free) so we can get an accurate head count and plan accordingly.

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