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What Is A Freestanding Birth Center?

What Is A Freestanding Birth Center?


Many women are interested in giving birth naturally as they view pregnancy and childbirth as a normal and healthy part a woman’s life. They want respectful care and only the amount of interventions that is necessary. They want to maintain autonomy for prenatal care, labor, birth, postpartum care, and later for their GYN care. They want to be part of the decision making process during their reproductive years.

At Brooklyn Birthing Center (BBC), the midwives and doctors are proud to celebrate the center’s 20th year of providing just this type of care.

Are you curious about Brooklyn Birthing Center? Wondering how a freestanding birth center works?

Want answers to any of the following questions:
How do you support natural childbirth?
Do you work with LGBTQ couples?
How long do prenatal visits typically last?
What is the BBC’s position regarding prenatal screening and ultrasounds?
Do you offer a home visit after the birth?
Do you offer childbirth ed classes, breastfeeding classes?
Can I labor and birth in the water?
How would you handle complications?
Can I take my placenta home for encapsulation?
Can our birth photographer attend the birth as well?
Do you offer nitrous oxide?
Can I come back to BBC for postpartum visits and follow up well woman care?
Get answers to these questions and more on Thursday, April 25th at our Park Slope Studio!
Laure is a board certified midwife, a certified lactation counselor and a certified childbirth educator. Originally from France, Laure lived in Germany, Japan and the UK prior to settling in NYC. The pivotal experience of giving birth to her daughters supported by an accomplished midwife inspired her to leave her career in advertising and to start her journey on the path of learning to support women and their families in their transition to parenthood. In 2007 she initiated the Healthy Birth Choices workshop series at the not-for-profit advocacy group Choices in Childbirth: the power of story telling inspired over 1500 NYC families to think about their options and decide what was right for them. She supported families as a labor doula, lactation counselor and childbirth educator. She trained as a midwife’s assistant at Ina May Gaskin’s Farm Midwifery Center. Subsequently, she shadowed midwives in the UK, in the Netherlands and in Amish Country Pennsylvania. She also participated in the Foundation for the Advancement of Haitian Midwives’ first conference in Haiti. She combines her love of languages, cultural diversity and physiologic birth by providing her birth services in English, French, German and Spanish – her Japanese is rusty! – and strives to support women in tapping into their inner strength during this wondrous life transition.