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Meet Community Midwifery!

Meet Community Midwifery!


Meet Community Midwifery and find out if a midwife is the right fit for you!


What is a midwife?
What does prenatal care with a midwife look like?
What happens if there are complications with my pregnancy and/or labor?
How are my and my baby cared for postpartum?
Curious about Mt. Sinai without the birth center?
Learn from Community Midwifery about the changes!

Join us on May 9th at our Park Slope studio!

Abby Brown (Midwife) has been a Certified Nurse Midwife since 2007. She received her midwifery degree from Yale University School of Nursing and her undergraduate degree in psychology from Smith College. She decided to become a midwife after witnessing a woman give birth for the first time and found it to be the most powerful thing she’d ever seen. She strongly believes that all people deserve quality, informed, respectful healthcare and that bodily autonomy is an inviolable human right. She was a full-scope midwife at Bellevue Hospital Center for many years and joined Community Gyn Care in 2014, after returning from a few years living in London. She opened Community Midwifery Care with Gina in 2016. Abby is originally from Arizona and now lives in Manhattan with her husband and their two children.

Ellen Razgaitis (Midwife) has been a licensed midwife since 2008, after graduating from the Columbia University School of Nursing. Her dedication to midwifery is rooted in a deep respect for normal physiology and the belief that all women deserve individualized, compassionate guidance into safe motherhood. She has diverse clinical experience here in NYC including both hospital and homebirth-based practices. Ellen also worked as a midwife overseas in the United Arab Emirates on a high-risk inpatient maternity ward. She strongly believes that quality, thoughtful birth care can happen in every environment. After several years living abroad and caring for her small children in India and the UAE, she is thrilled to return to Brooklyn and join Community Midwifery Care in the summer of 2018. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two children.