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Newborn Care & Feeding Class (without breastfeeding) – Park Slope

Newborn Care & Feeding Class (without breastfeeding) – Park Slope


Currently only available as private or semi-private class. Please contact us for details.

This 2 hour newborn care and infant feeding class is ideal for expectant parents who aren’t breastfeeding. This class will help expectant families become familiar with the basics of feeding your new baby and how to care for your infant in the early days and weeks after birth. Partners encouraged to attend! Take this class before the baby is born.

Topics covered will include:

  • Understanding normal infant behavior, communication, appearance and sleep patterns
  • Understanding common newborn procedures in the hospital
  • Understanding Skin-to-skin
  • Understanding the basics of diapering, cord care, bathing, and assessment of your baby
  • Understanding integration of the baby and transitions for the whole family
  • Newborn warning signs and when to call your pediatrician
  • Understanding early days of feeding and normal newborn feeding patterns
  • Feeding tips, tools, positions, techniques, burping and more
  • Understanding differences and usage of donor breastmilk and formula
  • Understanding bottle storage, cleaning, use, etc.


This class will not cover breastfeeding. For breastfeeding please sign up for Combined Breastfeeding/Newborn Care Class instead.





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