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Supporting LGBTQ+ Families in Childbirth Education

Supporting LGBTQ+ Families in Childbirth Education
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Supporting LGBTQFamilies in Birth & Postpartum: For Childbirth Educators 
This interactive workshop examines various birth settings and models of care that have historically included/excluded queer birth. We will discuss questions such as, what is the experience of birth like for members of the LGBTQ+ community and, how can childbirth educators prepare this community to have empowering and healthy births?
The topics we will discuss include:
I. Definition of Terms
II. The Role of Non-Gestational Parents
III. Experience of Birth for Queer Families & Supporting LGBTQ+ Families in Birth*
V. State/Federal Second-Parent Adoption Laws
VI. Childbirth Ed Curriculum Building
This workshop is specifically geared towards childbirth educators and doulas wish to become childbirth educators. Also recommended for doulas who do private formal or informal childbirth preparation with their expectant families.
3 DONA CEUs available.