Sierra Verunica

The Weekend Intensive Child Birth class was comprehensive and experiential without being overwhelming. I am most appreciative of Meghan’s extremely non-judgmental stance. She came off as science and fact-based, which I love in this age of alternative facts. In sharing a brief anecdote from her own birth, we learned that she went the natural/unmedicated route. However, she provided extensive information on epidurals and Cesarean Births (as she called it - what a lovely reframe from C-Section). She appeared wholly supportive of all ranges of birthing options. While I aim for natural, it was really wonderful to have an instructor present information objectively. I felt so comfortable. Meghan did not at all impose which type of birth, coping, or process was "best." Rather, she provided a comprehensive set of information, trusting us to use our best judgment for our own family and needs. I'm grateful she wasn't pushy re: natural, even though that's what I'd like. That would have made me suspicious. I highly recommend BDP child birth classes. We're going back for Infant CPR/Safety and Breastfeeding and Newborn Care (the trifecta!).